Saturday, February 27, 2010


Gosh What would it be like to be in wonderland.. I could not image.. Well Michelle Perkett had me thinking about it as she did a wonderland challenge that is Due tonight at 7PM PST. You are to use her Digi of course and make a card that makes you feel like wonderland. I choose the digi called Enchanted Slumber for Michelle's Esty store.
To me what wonderland feels to me is sparkly and glitter faires flying around Flowers all around with a water fall streaming and everything is so Graceful..
Here is my card..
I think the fairy is a farytale that most of us would love to be true..
The inside of my card reads:

"The woods are full of fairies!
The trees are alive: The river
overflows with them. See how
they dip and dive! What funny
little fellows! What dainty little
dears! They dance and leap, and
prance and peep, And utter fairy cheers! "

If you are intrested in seeing what others have done Go Here

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Unknown said...

I love this card...It is so amazing!! Girl you ROCK my friend!!


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