Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Yeah Its me I am alive.. I know its been a while since I posted.. Alot has been going on..
My Sister got into a Accident and was laided up for a while. Another Sister got some test done on something that was worring her... And we was remodling my living room along with the Holidays ... Busy Busy Busy...I tell ya..
But I am in My Scrap Palace cleaning up to get ready to start scrapping again.. Who knows Maybe I needed the long break but I have lots of Subscribed Kits stacking up ready for me to dive into..
I sure do hope all you wonderful Ladies are doing well and had more scrappy time than I did..
I did do some halloween stuff that I never posted cause My computer Died and I can't seem to find My program to resize and fix my pictures. I will have to search for that so I can still Share them

Ramona I am sorry I never ot to scrap with you and I miss you real Bad . I am back My friend I am
Did ya miss me? lol
Ok I better get back to the cleaning so I can start creating and sharing with you all again..


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