Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Printer Tray- Clear Scrap Dt!

Hi today I would like to share with you the new printer tray that I have done. You can get these at Clear Scraps
These are very fun to play with below is the Rectangle/Square Printer Tray Frame that I got to design with!
Printer Tray-Angel-2017
I just loved putting this together. I used lots of flowers to make a cluster on top of the tray as you can see.
I also added twine to make a bow and cut of the paper elements to use as decor.I also added netting to give my at sea look.
Inside the printer tray i add some starfish and some seed beads to one the the squares. I add the paper pieces where I wanted them along with the photos and title. 
These are very fun to play with. I am in love with this new release product!
You can also use this to save memorable things in them like your child's hair, teeth, bracelet from hospital, coin collections, rose petals from your first date, the ideas are endless. They do come in other shapes as well.
Be sure to head over to the store and get yours..

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