Friday, October 31, 2014

A Little Organization...

Today I wanted to show you how you can store your big eyelets along with your mini eyelets and brads.. I will also show you how I store my sequins, punches and mask as well.. I hope you find inspiration and  I help you with ideas as to how you can organize yours as well..
Here below is the one of the Bead cases I had gotten to store all my Brads, and Eyelets In.

Here is a closer look at them filled... The first Picture is the bead jar containers and the second or the smaller ones as shown above.You can get many different size bead containers its a atter of what you are putiing in them.

They store in your drawers so easy and can be stacked on top of each other to save space.

As for my sequins I used the shaker bead containers. I love this way to store them..They also store easy in drawers. and very easy to take to crops just throw them in your crop bags...

I like to store my punches in the big alex drawers from Ikea as well..They hold up nicely.. I have a whole unit full of punches...:)

Last thing I wanted to show you all was How I store my Mini Mask Templetes.. I got the clip it up version from Hobby Lobby and and clipped them up. I like to be able to see what I want and they at easy reach too.. No stuffing them in a drawer for them to get bent and creased...

I hope my organization can help some of you get ideas.. I love my New Room and its so easy to find things when they have there own home..

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