Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just a little Chit Chat....

I just wanted to give a shout to you all.. I have been busy working on my Feb DT kits and boy wait till you see those... I don't know how Pam does it each month But I am glad she does

I am gonna venture into a new project this year. Its Called Project Life.
Now I will still do My regular layouts But we all know that we take more picture than our layouts albums can hold. If you like me you junk it up alot so with Project Life you can add all your pictures into the album and its not junked up. I plan on pulling those pictures that I want to be special on my layouts and the rest in the project life album with the journaling.
 After My Dad passed away in May I realized how important it is to document your everyday Life. I wish I would have started this before so I can have that album to look back on today. But We all have to learn and start somewhere. So I started and I will post that once I finish up my week. I have it almost done and kept notes up to this week but I did not work on them yet.
I just had dental work done and I was so out of the loop all I wanted was my pillow. But after I am done with My dt Kits I will jump back to my PL album and share with you all as I go on my blog here.
Its time to start making more post here just in case some of you are interested in what I am up too..
Looking forward to sharing my everyday moments with you all..
Until then Happy Scrapping....

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