Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Great Grandmother

I did a Layout of My Great Grandmother Using a past My Creative Scrapbook kit..Love there Kits...
Anyways As you can see the Picture isn't the best as I got this form another family member who dug around in some old pictures that was past down.
I have never known her neither did my Grandmother. She Pass on when my Grandmother was 3 months old.
So This is something that excited me when I was givin this picture.
I do Know my grandmother was the baby of My Great Grandmother Sarah. She did have 2 Older brothers and was told she has Stepbrothers and sisters as well as my Great Grandmother was married before marring my Great Grandfather. We do not see any of them and I was told there might be some of the younger siblings alive still today..
It's really a treasure to get to see family that you wasn't around to see...
Heres my layout . Excuse the lighting as its been raining here and I had to take indoors....
Heres a Close up... I just love looking at the clothes back then...

1 comment:

Ramona said...

I LOVE this layout and that picture is awesome!! I just love looking at all the old pictures of my family. Your layout Rocks!!



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