Friday, July 18, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

Yep, I've been TAGGED by the talented Alecia!!!!!!Here's what I have to do...
1. Ten Years Ago... Was living in my first owned home.. Just started scrapping, Learning the
.2. 5 things on today (tomorrow's ) to do list... 1.Laundry ... 2.Load the dish washer, 3.cook lunch for hubby 4. Scrap... 5. Clean Living room..
3. Snacks I enjoy (at the moment)... Ranch Doritos, Hot Tamales Candy, Reeses cups...
4. Places I've lived... I have only lived in Chauvin Louisiana..
5. 4 people I've tagged... Gina, Angela, Amy,and Jennifer

Gottcha Ladies...

1 comment:

Angela J. Prieto said...

You got me Angel! I posted my answers on my blog.


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