Thursday, May 22, 2008

I won!!!

I entered my name in a pull on Jana Millers Blog for a Cuttlebug Emboss Folder and Won! I am so excited that really made my day... After finding out my Central air unit was clogged and was dripping out the pan all over my ceiling... Now my Ceiling tiles are nasty.. So We are gonna have to make a trip to Depot for some Kiltz..
I am so excited... If you haven't you should check out her site for the Cutest cards...Heres the Link.. Be sure to check it out!


R said...

Hey, Congratulations, Angel! I'm checking out your blog for some ideas, and boy, do I love what I am seeing! I might have to visit this more often!

R said...

OK, that was my first blog post... EVER! I see that it didn't tell you who I am, though! It's me-- Netterscraps from SNS! Just thought you might want to know that!

Tricia said...

congrats on the win! That rocks! So sorry about your AC. Not a good time it to be going out.


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